Hollywood Rock-n-Roll is the brainchild of Julia Thurman 
was first introduced in 2011 and has grown through a series of media platform testing to find our path. 
In the beginning the goal was
to bring members the most up to date information available 
in the local rock-n-roll
music community. 
Hollywood Rock-n-Roll has worked to build the network
by utilizing social media
and is now available on
Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and now this website.
Amber Reyes came to work with
Hollywood Rock-n-Roll
In the late fall of 2016 and has quickly
made the position as Chief Editor
a concise and detail oriented office
while giving respect and credit
to those involved.
Hollywood Rock-n-Roll's main goal
is to become a
premier online connection network 
musicians and Industry professionals can advertise their talent, business needs
opportunities for advancement.
We are always looking to grow our database with members
from all of our social media sites. 
Our members will receive all the benefits of advertising themselves 
for free. 
In the future we plan to open the site to respective charities,
purchased advertising, 
Hollywood Rock-n-Roll gear
and more.
Hollywood Rock-n-Roll vows to do what we can to help our members objectives.
Julia Thurman
Amber Reyes
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